Avast, ye mateys! Join Bob 106.9 for an evening of pirates booty and shenanigans, aka “The Pirates Plank Walk” – this Saturday, January 21st from 4:00 PM to 10:00 PM! Grab your eye patch and join us in Downtown Savannah as we embark on a bar crawl unlike any other. As Savannah’s largest pirate-themed party, “The Pirates Plank Walk” will be full of fun activities, amazing live entertainment, goodies and more. Ahoy!

The “Pirates Plank Walk” is a unique experience that involves traveling around to different pubs and bars while participating in various pirate-themed activities. It’s an opportunity to dress up like a pirate and have some fun with friends while enjoying some adult beverages. There will be several stops along the way where you can discover hidden treasures (aka prizes) and take part in exciting games like Find the Booty or Take ‘er Down – a game of tug-of-war between two ships. Along with all of these activities, there will also be amazing live entertainment ranging from sword fighting shows to belly dancing performances. The night will culminate with a grand finale that you won’t want to miss!