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Owners: Shelby Lee and Chris Nichols
We are a locally owned and operated small business out of Hinesville, GA. Hinesville is a small military town just outside of Fort Stewart. Most of us are veterans ourselves.
This business started out with us building barn doors in our garage as a hobby. We had several custom requests and progressed to building furniture. Shelby eventually quit her job to build and paint furniture as a vendor in a store very much like ours. Shortly after Chris had to quit his job to keep up with the demand. Together we opened Rustic Designs Home Market with a vision to bring each and every one of you beautiful farmhouse accents.

We offer a variety of farmhouse style home decor and furniture.We carry something for every budget, Choose from new, refinished, or custom built furniture. We also carry a wide variety of locally handmade decor and we have several lines of new decor as well.
 We have several local vendors that dedicate their time and passions to our store to bring you handmade items such as signs, wreaths, tabletop decor, painted furniture, custom built furniture, and so much more.